Cashew Processing and Propagation Training

One of the most popular products of Palawan is cashew nuts, which grows in abundance from trees all over the province. Eaten roasted, in polvoron, or candied, the cashew is a favorite snack in the Philippines.

In an initiative done in partnership with the Department of Agriculture- Palawan Agricultural Experiment Station (DA-PAES), residents are trained on how to process these nuts: salted, made into polvoron, honey-glazed, etc. Trainees are also trained on how to grow these nuts through grafting and contour planting.

The seminar, held in BMARC, aims to encourage residents to plant more cashew as well as to allow them to earn more income from processed cashew than they would normally get from just selling the raw nuts.


  1. Barangay Casian, Sitios Calabugtong, Calampisao, and Dinet (April 17-19, 2014)