Bee Keeping Project

Bees are important to an ecosystem. Besides providing honey, they help in pollination of flowers. Unfortunately, the worldwide population of bees has declined by as much as 50% around the world.

SPSF introduced 20 colonies of Apis mellifera in the second run of the project first launched in 2008 to help with the pollination of fruit bearing trees such as mango and cashew which are the main sources of income of nearby residents. The livelihood brought by  the fruit-bearing trees declined due to the practice of Kaingin or the slash-and-burn method of farming.


Established in 2008, BMARC is SPSF’s main site. Here, the foundation aims to offer assistance to beneficiary communities through successful programs which had been studied and implemented onsite.

Currently on-site are a model organic vegetable farm, a training center for cashew processing, handicraft-making, organic chicken growing seminars, and a model bee farm for research purposes. Ongoing research on improved planting and harvesting of mango and cashew as well as farming of sea cucumber and other marketable aquatic resources is also being done at BMARC.