Coastal Clean-ups

All sorts of things gets washed up in shorelines: broken glass, plastic bags, bottles, shampoo sachets, and the like. SPSF has organized coastal clean-up activities with local residents to raise awareness of the importance of proper waste disposal as well as environmental conservation.
  1. Sitio Dinet (October 27, 2012) Organized in line with the celebration of International Cleanup Month, residents of Sitio Dinet, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary representatives and people from Terramar Aqua Resources, Inc. took to the coast and picked up garbage that had been brought in by the tide. The community was then taught to segregate their waste and encouraged them to do the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  2. Sitio Dinet (July 20, 2013) 200 residents and elementary school students of Sitio Dinet took part in the activity, which was organized in coordination with the faculty of the Dinet Elementary School. With the goal to increase the level of awareness of residents about the negative effects of throwing their garbage in the sea, the activity also encouraged community team work and proper waste segregation.