The launch of “Planetang Dagat” to educate the youth on environmental conservation

“Planetang Dagat,” produced by Save Palawan Seas Foundation, premiered last Aug. 26, 2016 in Bonifacio High Street in partnership with the Philippine Coast Guard 402nd Auxiliary Squadron. Based on the acclaimed 2012 documentary “Planet Ocean” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, the film conveys the message of mankind’s connection with the ocean. The initiative is geared towards educating the Filipino youth about the message of “Planet Ocean” in their native tongue, which is the medium of education in most public schools in the country. To launch the documentary in Palawan Schools, a teachers’ training program was held at Julio Arzaga Elementary School, Poblacion Taytay, Palawan last Sept. 18, 2017, attended by 76 public school teachers, handling grades 5, 7, and 8. Dr. Melanie Donkor, principal of the University of the Philippines Integrated School, conducted the training. As a powerful tool for educating the youth on environmental conservation, “Planetang Dagat” will now be part of education programs in Palawan schools. SPSF, with the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary 402nd CGAP-Pal, then organized the International Coastal Cleanup supported by the local government in Poblacion Taytay, Palawan. The cleanup site location, selected with the help of the LGU and MENRO-Taytay, was Sitio Langayan, Pantano and Bensilao. Volunteers consisted of 28 teachers, 200 students, 11 PCGA, 3 PCG, 5 SPSF, 6 MENRO, 11 Taytay Police, and 15 LGU-Taytay. Handouts were distributed to educate volunteers on decomposition and trash management.